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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Roy Hodgson

The footballing world has suffered from another case of racism. But this time from an unlikely source: England boss Roy Hodgson.

As I have said before, racism has to stop now. The statement which Hodgson made was absolutely unacceptable. "Pass the ball to the monkey" he said when describing Andros Townsend's performance at half time during the 2-0 win against Poland. What is worse is that the FA backed Hodgson's "joke" instead of fining him.

So now, young people will think that if Roy Hodgson can say this sort of comments then so can I. Wrong. What Hodgson said should never be repeated, whether its a joke, or an insult.

How many times will this be recurring? I hope never. And finally, in my opinion I think Hodgson should have some type of punishment, whether its a fine, or a touchline ban. Anything will do.

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